Our Services

If the right tools don’t exist, we can build them from scratch or assemble pre-existing components to create a Website or Custom Software Application at your request and according to your business specifications.

Coda Dev is everything you need to create an awesome website!

Our programming and software services are top notch.

Skilled Offerings

Website Design & Development

Coda Dev has expertise in building large-scale dynamic or clean/simple websites based on your needs.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software solutions are designed to automate processes and written according to your company’s specifications.

Mobile Application Development

Let Coda Dev bring your company toward a more mobile audience with native iPhone applications or a more responsive website.

Content Management Systems

One of our expertise is Content Management Systems. Coda Dev can tailor a CMS to provide you more control over your content and allow you to focus more toward your business.

Identity & Branding

Coda Dev will collaborate with you on logo development, slogans & tag lines, professional newsletters, brochures and other type of media.

Database Architecture

Our consultants at Coda Dev will implement a database solution and help provide a strategy to leverage your data.

Managed Hosting

Whether it’s monitoring, security, patching or backups, you can have the confidence that we’re performing these tasks so you can focus on your strategic goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Coda Dev has a winning strategy and possesses the skills necessary improve your SEO standings.


Let us show you how to make sense of your website’s analytics so you have a great view of its performance.

Landing Pages

Promote your products and services through the use of landing pages and monitor their performance via analytics today.


Coda Dev can leverage your multitude of data and produce custom reports (includes tables & charting) for your business decision makers.

Systems Integration

Not all programs are created alike, nor speak to each other. Coda Dev can build a solution so your systems will work together.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We can build a secure on-demand application so you can focus on your business rather than software.


We have experience in setting up a turn-key commerce solution that’s hassle free.

Marketing & Social Networking

Social Networking can have a positive effect on getting your product or business out in front of the consumer. Let Coda Dev build that for you today.

Technology Stack

React JS

ASP .Net (Web Forms)


MS SQL Server


jQuery / Javascript




Web Services

Swift 2







and more...

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